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Five-Minute Star Trek: The Original Series

February 22, 2002

Remember what I said in the last redesign article about big updates in the TOS section? Guess what....

Allow me to introduce IJD GAF. I don't really have to, since he's already written four fivers, but I will anyway. Originally known as The Newbie (a name which ceased to be applicable after his first appearance), IJD has become one of the most talented guest writers I've worked with -- and he recently took an interest in writing fivers for Classic Trek.

I've said on some previous occasions that opening new subsites isn't something I'll do for just anybody, and that's true. When IJD approached me with the idea, I hadn't seen all that much of his work, so I asked for a "portfolio" first. I was sure he'd do well, but what he came up with surpassed all my expectations. IJD has written eight fivers (two from each season of the original series) -- and ladies and gentlemen, they are exceptional. I couldn't have done better myself.

Therefore, it's with pleasure that I announce the formal launch of

Five-Minute Star Trek

under the direction of 5MV's newest section head, IJD GAF.

(As with TNG, I'm kicking things off by doing the pilot episode; this time it's "Where No Man Has Gone Before." And with that, I've parodied all five Trek pilots! Feels like just yesterday I did "Caretaker"....)

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