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Taking Kira of Business

May 23, 2002

This'll be my last update for a while, possibly quite a while. No, the site isn't closing, and no, I'm not going net-dead. Look again: I only said my last update for a while.

My new job with Statistics Canada has made it tricky for me to work on the site (I have no FTP access here, for example). I've been issued a laptop, which means greater versatility for me, but it has no Net hookup, and the PC in my shared cubicle may soon be disconnected from the web as well.

Fortunately, I have somebody to fall back on. Kira has been champing at the bit for something to do for 5MV (specifically something that would make me quit delaying all the time), and this is her chance to do so. For the next indefinite amount of time, she'll be taking care of updating the site, posting News updates, and uploading files that I send her.

Not only that, but you'll definitely not want for new material while I'm "gone": I've authorized Kira to post her own work, as well as anything by Marc Richard or IJD GAF. These three will be doing a certain amount of crossing over to each other's subsites. Meanwhile, I'll be plenty busy, and not just with work. I'll be continuing to write new material -- those of you who follow TrekToday will have seen my latest two ENT fivers and the promise of more to come. Those two, "Acquisition" and "Oasis, are now here too. I'll be getting back to Andromeda and VVS9 very soon, and I'll clean up my guest fiver backlog. (Draknek, 4GOM, that Farscape girl whose name suddenly escapes me... you're who I'm talking to.) I'm even considering new articles for the Trek Nation and fivers for non-Trek series such as The X-Files and Angel.

So that's the deal. I won't be silent by any means, but I'm temporarily stepping down as the loudest voice around here. That's Kira's role for now, and I hope you'll all give her the same great reception you give me. (Hint: Feedback, feedback, FEEDBACK. She'll love you.) I'll still be in touch -- you can reach me at the same address as always.

I thank Kira very much for taking on this responsibility, and I wish her the best of luck. To the rest of you, I say only this.... "See you soon, Harry."

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