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November 9

There's still more new material coming, but here's something to tide you all over. Trailing far, far behind her four-digit post count in the forums, Celeste brings her fiver count up to two with Five-Minute "Who Mourns for Morn?"

Also today -- Marc Richard represented 5MV at Con*Cept 2002 last weekend; you can read his account of the convention here.


November 12

Hey all, Zeke here. A much-belated birthday present for Celeste (and her prize from the Paneldemonium nomenclature contest), Five-Minute "Revulsion," is now online. (A belated birthday shoutout to forumgoer Things Are Good as well.) Also, the list Kira's been nagging me to write since June: The Top Ten Signs That Your Girlfriend is a Q. With this list, I reclaim my dominance of the "girlfriend lists," challenged by IJD GAF a while ago. Ha ha, IJD GAF.


November 27

(Well, the files all say 26, but technically this is November 27. Rats.) Zeke here. After another "silent period," I've got two major announcements today:

  1. To celebrate the 100th member at the 5MV Forums, I've finally done a much-delayed reorganization of the boards. In addition, I invited Jim Wright of Delta Blues to be member #100; you'll find his thread in the Miscellaneous forum. Head on over and check it out -- especially Fiver By Committee, about which I'll have more to say shortly.
  2. Something else I've just finished revamping is the About section. You'll find barrels of new content in there, including a badly-needed FAQ for guest writers.

Too tired to keep typing right now. More about all this later.


November 28

Kira here, up to my ears in term papers. Marc, IJD GAF and myself all took Zeke's "More to Come!" cue in the Staff FAQ section and came up with our own in under 24 hours. Hope you enjoy reading the The Kira FAQ, The Marc Richard FAQ, and The IJD GAF FAQ as much as we enjoyed writing them.

Despite my theory that the fiver backlog would magically clear itself, it just keeps getting bigger and dustier. I'll try and get some of the (now mouldy) guest fivers published in between handing in my last papers and finals. (That's an unfortunately small gap, but I've got a reprive in between finals as well.)

Say it with me, people: "Soon."

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