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5MV Update History

maintained by Zeke

APRIL 2002


April 1

Commodore Zuke has taken permanent possession of this website. All hail Zuke!


April 6

(I'm not dead. Updates coming soon.)


April 9

Still not dead; still no new content just yet (I'm up to my ears in exams and such). Today is, however, an important day to note. On behalf of... well, mostly me, here's to Thinkey having a very happy birthday. Cheers!


April 29

Let's see... exactly how deep a hole am I in?

  • No updates in the last twenty days.
  • No new content in the last twenty-eight days.
  • Three Enterprise episodes unaccounted for.
  • Three VS9 "episodes" already published.
  • Sixteen Andromeda episodes. Sixteen.
  • Something like thirty million guest fivers awaiting my approval.
  • Did I mention no new content in 28 days?

Well, at least today was the last of my final exams. I have a week off, and then my job starts. (That's right -- I'm not just Zeke anymore. I'm Zeke with a job.) So I'll hopefully be able to catch up on some of this stuff. Maybe not all the sixteen Andromeda episodes, but it's a start.

Some overdue shoutouts: let's hear it for Kira, who did me a huge favour by handling the April 9 update when I couldn't; Draknek, who pointed me to a mistake in one of the ENT fivers; and FatMatDuhRat, who had a birthday last Friday. There are also acknowledgements for my VVS episode, "New Moon," but those will come when I upload the episode here.

My mom thinks it's crazy that I spend so much time online, and I'll add a capper: all this time and I still don't get done what I'm "supposed" to. Is it just my ability to procrastinate where no man has procrastinated before, or is something more sinister at work? Such as... hamsters?

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