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JUNE 2006


June 1

After a completely unnecessary delay on my part (I sorta forgot this was the season finale), here's Derek's final Smallville fiver of Season 5: "Vessel." This makes Derek the first non-me person to five an entire season. Kudos!



June 6

Something that's been in the news lately has prompted me to correct a longstanding error in the "Concerning Flight" fiver and a few other places. Can anyone spot what I changed?

Meanwhile, here's a link. Vedra recently introduced me to the just-concluded manga series Death Note. It's a fascinating and very original story that reminds me of The Ring in some ways. Several volumes have been released here in translation, but if you can't find them, there are many fan "scanlations" available online (you didn't hear that from me). Death God looks like a good site for general info. If you have any interest in reading the series, make sure you're not spoiled, as there are many shocking twists.

Incidentally, the protagonist of Death Note, Yagami Light, is one of the most deeply evil characters you'll ever encounter in fiction... and the name he takes on? "Kira." Yes yes, it's a transliteration of "killer," but I still think I get an I told you so here.



June 9

Took a little longer than we thought, but the server move has finally reached this site. Antony will be moving us over today. The forum is down for the duration, but it should be available and vBulletinized by evening. It'll be a couple more days before details like FTP access and DNS propagation are ironed out; it shouldn't interfere with updates, but if it does, don't be too surprised.

To tide you over, here's what was going to happen today at the forums:

PointyHairedJedi: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
Zeke: (stabs PHJ in the eye)

I have a couple of other items today. First, the error I corrected in Five-Minute "Concerning Flight" was Leonardo da Vinci's speaker credit (and I also fixed it in the "Scorpion" and "Requiem for Methusaleh" fivers, as well as Kira's First Fiver Retrospective). That credit has always been "da Vinci," but as many people have pointed out in the wake of Dan Brown's preposterous The Da Vinci Code, that's not correct. "Leonardo da Vinci" is the Renaissance equivalent of "Spock of Vulcan." Now that I know that, I've corrected the speaker credit to "Leonardo." The one reader who definitely spotted the change and knew the reason was Draknek; he even pointed out one I missed in the actual dialogue, so I thank him for that.

And speaking of thanking people, today I'd also like to thank DoctorWho42, a Wikipedian who recently went to the trouble of linking to every single one of our ENT and DW fivers on the corresponding episode pages at Wikipedia. Our traffic has increased quite a bit as a result. I don't expect these links to last -- someone is sure to go after them sooner or later on notability grounds -- but I really appreciate the effort he's gone to. Many thanks.


June 11

As stated on the front page, updates to 5M.net are temporarily on hold. The server move is entering the home stretch, but for now I have no FTP access. The timing is unfortunate, as it pushes back a couple of events, but such is life. We'll be back as soon as possible. In the meantime, the forum is now online again on the new vBulletin system, so drop by.


June 15

So happy splucking birthday, FiveMinute.net. Have a total lack of updates.

I'm not quite as annoyed as I sound, actually. Readers with good memories will recall that while June 15 is our official anniversary, it may not actually be our anniversary. Probably isn't, in fact. I don't remember what day I created the site, and the News page wasn't there to keep track till August. June 15 is a more or less arbitrary date I chose. But it still bugs me that we're not in a position to celebrate properly... in fact, the site's position during this server move is best described in terms not suitable for younger audiences. (Fiver discretion is advised.)

However, technical difficulties doth not a site death make. I should have FTP back in a few days at most, and then it's catch-up time. First up are the two June subsite anniversaries we missed during this move. I haven't forgotten that we already have a huge subsite anniversary event in progress -- the 5MST conclusion -- but that's still not ready and these two anniversaries are, so they'll come first. The site's sixth-birthday celebration will be pushed back at least a month; I'll try to make it no later than that. It'll be lower-key than last year (it would pretty much have to be), but still plenty of fun. Against all odds, we came up with another theme that actually works. Something to look forward to.

Another priority will be getting things back to normal around here. The forum doesn't look like home yet; I have no clue how you customize a vBulletin, but I intend to learn. Our hitcounts have understandably sunk, so we'll work on pulling them back up. And I'm not just talking out my thermal exhaust port about getting 5ME back on track. (Honest!) This downtime was unavoidable, but it's almost over. Please bear with us.


June 19

Testing, testing. 1, 2, 3. 3 again. 1 step forward, 2 steps back. 6.

Okay, I think we're good. Welcome back! I now have a reasonable facsimile of FTP access, so updates are once again possible. (You might want to check the news page in case you've missed one of the last few newsposts -- they didn't all have threads.)

We'll start things off easy with one of my trademark "maybe two people will get it" updates. A few days ago I was finally able to get MegaMan Battle Network 6, the final game in the series. There's a sequel series in development, but I'll still miss this one. Battle Network rejuvenated Mega Man and got a whole new generation interested; its unique fusion of genres (somewhere between role-playing, action, and strategy games) made it interesting, and its charm made it fun. So to mark the occasion, here's The Top 10 Rejected Ideas For MegaMan Battle Network 6.


June 26

DS9 time! Slightly delayed due to the server move and the usual Zekenical difficulties, we now bring you Five-Minute Deep Space Nine's third-anniversary celebration. Get ready for three days of suspense, intrigue, and a better name than "three-dayge." Here's the first batch....

  • First up is a very early one I'm surprised wasn't hit sooner: "Past Prologue," the show's first regular episode and the debut of Garak. The fiver's by Derek, who will unfortunately have to be killed for the Dunar scene.
  • Next is one of my all-time favourites, "Visionary." This one's also by Derek, and yes, the opening scene is correct as written (it's a reference).
  • Rounding out the first day with something later in the series, here's Nate with "Statistical Probabilities." You might think that's my kind of title, but while I like probability fine, I hate stats, so it's sort of a wash.
Be here tomorrow for more wacky wormhole hijinks! (If you can't find them, hire a wormholistic detective agency.)



June 29

Here's day two of the DS9iversary event, with another triad of fivers.

As you can see, this was the most Julian update since Pope Gregory. Stay tuned for the conclusion of the anniversary. What'll it be? Let's just say I'm leaving it in the hands of the Prophets.


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