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Zeke presents....

The Top 10 Rejected Ideas For MegaMan Battle Network 6

  1. Zero.EXE dies
  2. In the next logical step from MegaMan making visits to the real world, Lan starts getting attacked whenever he walks around
  3. Bass appears in a way that has anything to do with his past appearances
  4. BurnMan returns as one of the LinkNavis, allowing MegaMan to acquire BurnCross
  5. Glide does, well, anything
  6. MegaMan actually gets to keep some of his stuff from the previous game
  7. Let's face it... correct grammar
  8. Roll and MegaMan make their acting debut in the off-broadband play "Beauty and the Cybeast"
  9. Lan finally catches 'em all
And the number one rejected idea for Battle Network 6....
  1. The whole series turns out to be a dream the original Mega Man was having
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This list was originally published on June 19, 2006.

DISCLAIMER: Another rejected Navi was SouthernMan, who would have provided SouthernCross, but it was decided that they didn't need him around anyhow.

All material © 2006, Colin Hayman.