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JULY 2002


July 1

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

Well, no new material today. I'd like to put out huge thanks to everyone who contributed to Time Travel Week. (Most especially Marc Richard, who came through in more than one pinch, and IJD GAF, who pulled out "Flashback" on short notice. Anytime you'd like to sell my soul back to me would be great, IJD.) I think we can say Time Travel Week was a definite success, and you will most likely see more theme weeks in the future. (No pun intended.)

There will be some new material on Thursday, as well as announcing the winner of the Paneldemonium "guess the author" contest. (And I hope more guesses will be forthcoming soon -- there isn't very much competition right now and the prizes are pretty much up for grabs.)


July 4

Happy Independence Day to our American readers!

Well, the Paneldemonium contest is over and we have a pair of winners! Congratulations to Celeste, who took first prize, and FatMatDuhRat, who came in second. Thanks to everyone who entered!

The various parts of Paneldemonium now have the proper authors in the bylines, but here's the rundown. Part 1 was written by Zeke (you think he would let anyone else start it off?), part 2 was written by me (Kira), part 3 was Zeke again (we were all sort of stumped), part 4 was IJD GAF (the backwards lines for Zeke were inspired), part 5 was Marc, part 6 was me again, and Marc brought us back to where we started with part 7.

And today, everyone gets to see where we got this weird idea for "Paneldemonium" with 5MV: Behind the Insanity, excerpts from the chat where we began planning Time Travel Week. You've probably all suspected we're insane. This just proves it. (You can also see that many of the jokes from "Paneldemonium" were pulled from our chatting.)

I had intended to have some more new material today, but due to circumstances beyond everyone's control, that's been delayed. There will be new material as soon as we can get all the behind the scenes problems worked out.


July 11

I know I'm going to sound like Zeke here, but I'm not dead. Neither is Zeke. There is an update coming as soon as Zeke can find the time to finish the material I'm waiting for. And it's going to be good, I swear.


July 15

Did I say there would be new material on Monday? What's that? I did. Oh. Well, I lied.

And before you all go ballistic on me, I have something to say. It wasn't my fault, I swear! It was all Zeke! Yes, that Zeke, right over there!

Ahem. There will be a major update by Wednesday at the latest.

(Feeling gyped by the lack of updates? Think Zeke and Kira are getting a bum rap and don't deserve to be yelled at? Hm, guess I should start a comment thread then.)


July 17

Day Never of Time Travel Week

Due to several unavoidable complications...er, I mean, a temporal anomaly, some of the material for Time Travel Week was delayed. But, better late than never, here's (the almost appropriately named) Day Never! Featuring (drumroll, please):

Time Travel Week has resulted in a mini-backlog of some guest fivers, so look for some relatively regular updates over the next few weeks.

And, now that the last material is out (or, at least, all the material that could be finished in time for this update), here's a quick look back at Time Travel Week:

  • Number of new fivers published: 19
  • Number of pages uploaded by Kira: 177
  • Number of site hits over the week (not including Day Never, of course): 2,824
  • Time that Zeke finished "Shockwave": 3:08am local time
  • Time that "Shockwave" was supposed to be posted: 12:00am local time
  • Number of parts of Paneldemonium Zeke was accused of writing: 7
  • Number of temporal jokes made by Marc Richard in planning Time Travel Week: Data unavailable (currently being calculated by computers at NASA)
  • Currently winning the 'most prolific guest writer' race: Kira, with 25
  • How long Kira expects to hold her narrow lead: Under a week

And there's one more thing that deserves recognition. (It would have been given on time had my brain not been gelatinized by the end of Time Travel Week.) On June 30, Marc Richard with Five-Minute "Little Green Men" became the first person other than Zeke to have a fiver in each of the first four Star Trek series. Interestingly enough, this happened just in time for the one-year anniversary of the publication of his first fiver, Five-Minute "One", on July 1! Congrats to Marc!


July 25

Tribble Day

Sorry about the lapse of silence, but you know the saying: real life's a beach. (Hm, that sounds right but doesn't quite look right...oh, well.)

But, never fear, new material is here! Courtesy of one IJD GAF, here's Tribble Day! First off, IJD brings us what is arguably the best known episode in all of Star Trek with Five-Minute "The Trouble With Tribbles." Next, we have the Animated Series' Five-Minute "More Tribbles, More Troubles." And last but not least, IJD completes his collection of TOS homage episodes (lacking only the Zeke-reserved "Unification") with DS9's "Trials and Tribble-ations." With this fiver, IJD also becomes the next person to have the distinction of having a fiver in all four of the first Star Trek series. (Congrats on winning our little race, IJD. <g>)

(And whether or not you're a fan of any or all of these series, I highly recommend reading all three. IJD put a lot of effort into working these three fivers into a trilogy, with some hilarious running jokes that are much funnier if you read all three fivers. Hats off to IJD on these running jokes. <g>)

Finally, some good news, some bad news, and some excellent news. The good news is, I'm going on vacation. (Hey, I love it here in Saskatchewan but let's face it -- if you lived here, you'd go somewhere interesting every once in a while too.) The bad news is, this all but cuts off my net access until this time next week. The excellent news is that there is a pile of guest fivers awaiting publication on my return, which will (I swear) mean a nice, constant stream of updates.

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