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5MV Update History

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MAY 2002


May 2

I'm getting ready for a rather large update, but here are some things to tide you over: the long-delayed conclusion to the Clone Wars trilogy, two Next Gen guest fivers, and the start of a new video game parody series. First up is Return of the Zed Guy, the end of my battle with Commodore Zuke (which will look familiar to any forumgoers among you). The NG fivers are Kira's "The Game" and Sab's "Final Mission" -- the latter is the first Sab guest fiver in quite a while and, in my opinion, her best yet. Finally, Pteryx makes an ambitious 5MVG debut with the first two chapters of Final Fantasy Tactics.

Don't forget: if you like what you read, let the writers know! Their e-mail addresses can be found on the respective pages.


May 23

New article today: Taking Kira of Business. This is NOT one to miss.


May 24

I think I'll open up my career as Supreme Updater the same way I opened my career as a guest writer: with a double-header. Today we have something nobody has seen in 2002 -- a Voyager fiver! Hope you enjoy Five-Minute "Twisted" by yours truly. Also in today's update, a guest This Just In by Marc Richard. Have you ever wondered why 5MV updates are so erratic? Read Conference Examines Five-Minute Temporal Phenomena and find out!


May 25

Don't get used to back to back updates, folks. I made an exception today for a special occasion -- IJD GAF's birthday! In honor of his 19th, read his Five-Minute "The Corbomite Maneuver". Don't be shy to drop him a line to give him feedback and wish him a Happy Birthday!


May 27

Well, the bad news is: it's Monday again. However, if you (like me) find that depressing, here's a few things to make your day:

  • Five-Minute "Detained" was published at the Trek Nation over the weekend; now you can get it here too.
  • A new fiver from Marc Richard: Five-Minute "Time Squared." It's hard to believe how many bad puns this man can fit in one fiver.
  • A momentous occasion that I completely forgot to mention: Friday morning at 6:32 a.m. Eastern time, Five-Minute Voyager reached 100,000 hits! How do I know the exact time, you ask? Because the 100,000th hit belonged to, of all people, Marc Richard, who was kind enough to pass the information along.

May 27 Supplemental

Remember how Zeke started a topic in the forums about which series we would like him to tackle next? Personally, I never thought he would actually do it...but apparently he's serious. He's narrowed it down, so go vote for your picks in 5MV Reader Poll #2: So Much For Free Will


May 29

For those of you who didn't believe Zeke's promise of one Enterprise fiver a day (this includes me), here's something for you: three Enterprise fivers in ONE DAY. That's right -- three: Five-Minute "Vox Sola," Five-Minute "Fallen Hero" and Five-Minute "Desert Crossing." Let's hear it for Zeke! Not only did he punch all three of these out in one day, these are easily among the best Enterprise material he's produced all year. Do him a favor and show him your appreciation in the comment thread -- I happen to know he and his funny bone are exhausted.

Next update will be Friday or Saturday, and look for a special surprise from IJD GAF!

May 29 Supplemental

Make that FOUR fivers -- Five-Minute "Two Days and Two Nights" is now up.

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