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JULY 2004


July 1

Happy Canada Day! You may recall the festive banner on the main page from last year. I can't say I'm feeling very patriotic this year, though, considering the stupid --

Zeke's Better Judgment: Do NOT talk about the damn election!

Right. Sorry. Anyway, I have an idea for a Top 10 list for the occasion, but I just got the idea now, so it'll have to wait.

Zeke's Better Judgment: Is it about the election? It's about the election, isn't it?

No, I swear, it's not.


Though one or two of the entries may --

Zeke's Better Judgment: Don't make me hurt you.


July 2

As promised, here's my Canada Day Top 10 list: The Top 10 Ways to Tell That Andromeda is Made in Canada.



July 3

A couple of birthdays just happened: Dan Carlson of the marvelous Star Trek Minutiae had his on July 2, and mudshark, a familiar "face" at the forums, had his on July 3. Happy birthday, guys!


July 4

A very happy Independence Day to all our American readers. (If you were here in the first couple of hours of the day, when the Canada Day logo was still on the front page, don't take that as some sort of statement -- I was just a bit slow changing it back. I'm a Canadian, but I have great respect for the USA and the good they do in the world.)

In the last few days I've been really busy preparing for the math camp I'm running this week, so that's why there hasn't been much new material. We've still got tons of guest fivers waiting in the wings, though; I'll pull some out during the week. Meanwhile, badgers and a sporting variation thereof.


July 5

The Doctor Who fivers continue! Scooter suggested I pull this one out because it's got the same setting as our last original Trek fiver, "Spectre of the Gun," and that seemed a good idea. Here's "The Gunfighters," Scooter's third contribution to our growing Who collection.

I have got a fun
update planned for tomorrow --
click here for a hint.



July 6

I've rechecked, and World Blog Haiku Day was actually yesterday -- but who cares? Here's 5ME: Haiku Day anyway!



July 7

Thought for the day: running a math camp is a whackload of work. Can those haiku hold you for another day? Cool. Thanks.


July 8

Corrected a mistake in the haiku page: "17-Word" should have been "17-Syllable." Thanks to those who pointed that out.


July 9

Sigh... okay, now the corrected haiku page is actually uploaded. (Yes, these last three updates have sucked. The second math camp doesn't start till the 19th, so I should have time for some better stuff now.)


July 10

Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you Nan's Working Title finally has a new strip up. Go read.


July 11

Whoa! Big casting news over at TrekToday. Looks like a very familiar face will be appearing in ENT's fourth season. (Also, ha ha -- so much for those rumours that Brannon Braga was leaving. I hope all you jubilant bashers feel silly now.)


July 12

A very happy birthday to Taya17! In her honour, here's The Top 10 Signs That Your Girlfriend is Delenn -- signs I'm sure she's constantly on the lookout for. <g>



July 13

Quick update... quick update... hey! Bubbles!


July 14

Okay, I've put this off about as long as I can, but it's time to get a new forum system. If you're a forumgoer or think you might like to be one, post in this thread and tell me what systems and features you like. (Sigh. I just realized that once we get the new system, all the comment links on all the news updates will be useless....)


July 15

Enterprise got four Emmy nominations! After not getting noticed in the Hugo awards this year (despite having way better episodes to choose from than 2003 nominees "A Night in Sickbay" and "Carbon Creek"), this is a nice change. Angel, however, was thoroughly snubbed; Season 5 wasn't the show's best, but it was still fantastic television and deserved better. Ah well.

And now, Spider-Man 2. I'm off to see the Doctor, the wonderful Doctor of Ock....


July 16

Spider-Man 2 was RIDICULOUSLY good. It was so good it actually made the first one good. If you haven't seen it, you must.

Anyway, if you've had trouble registering at the forums, that was due to an email glitch which is now, finally, fixed. Just register again and it should work this time (until we get the new forums, that is).


July 17

Aaack! I completely forgot to tell you guys about TripHammered! evay's site just hit its second birthday, and she celebrated with a new site layout, including a very attractive splash page. Check it out.


July 18

All right, break time's over. I've been slacking ever since I got back from Halifax and it's time to get back in gear. To begin with, here's one of the things I should have posted some time ago: information about a secret project that all 5MV readers can participate in. Read it, and don't mind the security check at the start.


July 19

Ha! I'll bet even Derek thought I forgot the DS9 blurbs! There they are now. So ha.


July 20

I worked like a dog today. (It was ruff.) So today's a link day. I've been getting back into the comic book scene lately, as you'll see in an update I'm hoping to get done by tomorrow, so here are two comic-related links for ya.

First, one of my favourite DC Comics characters -- Ralph Dibny, the world-famous Elongated Man -- is finally getting his day: he's central to DC's major crossover this year, Identity Crisis. By far the best source on EM is Dibny Dirt, run by Michael Hutchinson, the world's biggest Elongated Man fan (he currently posts at Monitor Duty, an awesome comics blog). If you need to bone up on the Stretchable Sleuth, that's where to do it. And given how little he's been seen in the last, oh, ten years, you probably do.

Second, a site Nan led me to: Micro-Héros. (It's French, but English-speakers should still find the navigation easy.) Familiar with the "dollz" craze? This site has dollz of every significant comic book character ever. If you want a cute little pic of Max Mercury, the Zen master of speed from Flash and Impulse, here he is! If you want Iron Man in the red and silver armor from issues 200 to 230, here he is! If you -- you get the picture. In fact, you get lots of pictures. And they're cute.

By the way, Nan would like to make you aware of the phrase "Hotel Faction." Can you decipher it? Can you? CAN YOU? CAN YOU? I couldn't, she had to tell me.


July 21

Pressed for time today, so I'll just tell you the Hotel Faction thi-- oh, wait, Nan says I can't. Sorry.


July 22

Whew! It's been a long week, but after tomorrow my math camps for this year are done. I'll get some good stuff up for you guys on the weekend. Meanwhile, drop by IMAO, a mostly-political opinion site with its tongue so far up its cheek it looks like one of those puffer frogs. Particularly good items include the Terrorist FAQ and these answers to readers' questions.


July 23

But... but the Temporal Cold War arc can't end in the first two episodes of Season 4! There's been so much setup! So many questions will be left unanswered!

On second thought, none of those questions would probably have been answered anyway. Ah well.

Speaking of Season 4, if I read Manny Coto correctly, they've decided to film Five-Minute "Fusion". Sweet! Royalty checks, here I come....


July 24

That article yesterday has inspired a Top 10 list. (Meanwhile, don't try to read any DS9 fivers today, they don't load. PHP problem -- I'm working on it.)



July 25

Yep, we're moving the forums to phpBB today. The data is already copied -- now I just have to get it organized again, which is a fair bit of work but will be done sometime tomorrow. I'll let y'all know as soon as the new board is ready for habitation.


July 26

The forums are back! And yes, they don't look 5MVish yet, but they work, and I kept all the archive and member data! Cheer me!

(glare) Cheer me.

Screw you guys, I'm going home.



July 27

Now, not only are the forums back, the 5MV skin is available! It's far from finished, but it's working and I think it looks pretty d@mn good. I'll be continuing to work on the boards over the next few days to iron out the wrinkles, so if there are any changes you'd like to see, let me know.



July 28

It was suggested at the forums that I could take a break after all that forum work, so consider today that break. Go post some more! Everybody's having a great time, even if they currently can't read the text on any of the buttons....


July 29

Two links today. First of all, they've released the first photos of the new Bat-costume for the upcoming prequel Batman Begins to Suck. (I do not have great confidence in movies featuring Batman characters, what with the last two being Batman and Robin and Catwoman.)

Second, there's a new DVD commentary over at TripHammered, this time for "Dead Stop." I haven't had time to read the whole thing yet, but evay tells me there's a 5MV reference in it somewhere, which is cool. (I would have linked anyway, though. Don't call me shallow. Yes, you. You in the shirt. I heard you. Be quiet.)


July 30

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, banana phone....

(Warning: foul language.)
(Warning 2: Despite my obsessions, this has nothing to do with The Ring.)
(Warning 3: Or Ring Man from Mega Man 4.)
(Warning 4: Despite Kira's obsessions, this has nothing to do with Lord of the Rings.)
(Warning 5: "Ring" just indicates a phone ringing.)
(Warning 6: Get over it.)
(Warning 7: Excessive warnings may be hazardous to your health.)
(Warning 8: Sucker.)


July 31

Hey, remember that "5MV X Years Ago" idea? Today, X = 2. Back on July 25, 2002 (not quite two years ago, but close enough), we had one of our most popular events: Tribble Day. An IJD GAF solo event, it featured new fivers by him for "The Trouble With Tribbles" (TOS), "More Tribbles, More Troubles" (TAS), and "Trials and Tribble-ations" (DS9). As you probably know, the latter episode was a tribute to the original "Trouble With Tribbles," complete with clips into which the DS9 characters were seamlessly inserted -- so IJD's fiver inserted the DS9 characters into scenes from the "Trouble" fiver.

If you haven't read these yet, I highly recommend it; if you have, now's a good time to read them again. IJD's take on how many tribbles constitute a swarm is classic (see also his stats page).


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