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MAY 2003


May 4

Zeke here, introducing a 5MV mini-event la Tribble Day. This time, to celebrate the onset of spring, it's Mudd Day.

For those unfortunates who don't know, Harry Mudd was a Classic Trek character with two appearances on the live-action show and one on the animated series. He was sort of a proto-Quark: a sly, scheming scoundrel you couldn't help but love, bad guy or not. This is really Derek Dean's event -- he's written fivers for the three Mudd episodes, to wit "Mudd's Women", "I, Mudd", and "Mudd's Passion" (TAS). As a little contribution of my own, Harry and Stella get a cameo in a This Just In I've been planning for a while: Berman, Braga not actually Hitler.

Enjoy, and remember those feedback links. Derek's been around me and Kira for long enough that the desperate hunger for ego food is bound to kick in any day now....



May 24

Zeke here with new fivers, a TJI, and a bunch of small stuff. Sorry for the lack of new material lately -- it's been a busy month for Kira and me. We'll be getting back to more frequent updates now, so keep an eye on this page.

Here are today's updates....

  • First of all, we've got two new fivers from some familiar names. Marc Richard has added "The Next Phase" in his section, while Derek Dean brings us DS9's "Paradise."
  • Next up is my latest This Just In: "Star Trek" removed from Pledge of Allegiance. This one's been done for a while, and in fact I updated the section days ago, but I waited on the main update to stick to TJI's traditional Sunday schedule. Yes, that will do.
  • Something you'll have seen if you've been to the 5ME subsite lately: there are now Czech translations available for seven of my Season 1 fivers. I was browsing Google recently and discovered that a site which provides Enterprise subtitles in Czech had also been translating my parodies; it was a big surprise, but certainly not a bad one. My thanks to Zirland and JBr for their work. For the record, there are now fivers in four different languages, counting English.
  • I've made some much-delayed edits to the 5MST season pages to include the fivers added on Mudd Day. (I haven't done that yet with the two new fivers, but that'll happen later tonight.)
  • Five-Minute Fifth Voyager is running a fiver-writing contest -- head on over if you'd like to try your hand. (But don't hand on over if you'd like to try your head.)
  • Brannon Braga recently reached a career milestone: "The Crossing" was the one hundredth Star Trek episode he's written or co-written. The Trek Nation marked the occasion with an article where you'll find a quote from yours truly as well as three of my favourite reviewers (Jim Wright, Tim Lynch, and Mary "monkee" Weicek).
  • Last and least, the news section has down for about 24 hours due to technical difficulties (or, as Kira describes it, "Oops, Zeke's bad"). Now it's back.


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