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February 6

Well, I lose. As of today, VW Day 7 is 43 days late, so I can officially no longer point to AUW Day 8 and say that at least this isn't that bad. Until recently I could also point out that I haven't left you guys in the dark this time, but this week I dropped the ball on the updates too. According to my new philosophy of updating, that's not something I should feel guilty about, so I'll try not to. But it's about time I gave you guys another reason to keep coming back.

So 5MV is officially "unfrozen." I'll still get VW done as soon as I can, but because I clearly suck at that, I'm no longer going to make all other material wait till then. Especially under the circumstances.

I don't have to tell any of you what happened four days ago. It was a blow to the spirits of every Trek fan, even those who never liked Enterprise. And it's why, aside from an angry modification to the front page, I haven't updated in the last few days. I've given a lot of thought to what to do, and in tomorrow's update I'll address what this turn of events means for 5MV. I'll also be posting a special edition of This Just In on the cancellation.

In the meantime, there are several threads in 5MV's Science Fiction forum where the news is being discussed and debated. However you feel about ENT's cancellation, you're welcome to join in.



February 22

Yeah, I know -- worst unfreezing ever. I didn't want to publish anything else before the ENT update, and it kept taking longer than I thought. But forget all that for now, because it's 5MST's third birthday!

It's been another big year for our TOS subsite, which has now been part of 5MV for well over half the site's lifetime. IJD GAF continues to run a tight ship, with a policy of making sure there's at least one 5MST update each month if at all possible. And as of today, his subsite has officially outlived the classic series itself!

To celebrate, IJD has organized a themed anniversary event -- specifically, a Kirkathon. It consists of four days with two fivers each, all focused on Trek's first and still most famous captain, James T. Kirk. We're starting off with a pair from Season 1: "Court Martial," by IJD himself, and "The Return of the Archons," by Kira. Enjoy, and be back tomorrow for Season 2!

(Incidentally, it's also Jeri Ryan's birthday. CONSPIRACY!)



February 23

Kira here; Zeke has temporarily flown the coop for something called "spring break", so I'll be your host for the remainder of the Kirkathon.

Today's daily recommended dose of Trek parody is brought to you by IJD GAF, who either has a lot of time on his hands or is just a really fast fivist. Here's "The Changeling" (which not only incorporates quotes from a certain TNG doctor, but also has three other episode titles hidden within the fiver) and "Return to Tomorrow."

Speaking of which, return tomorrow for more fivers.



February 24

Today's pair of season three fivers to continue our Kirkathon come from my other two comrades in arms: Derek Dean's treatment of "Plato's Stepchildren" and Marc Richard's take on "Wink of an Eye."



February 25

Zeke here. There will be a very brief delay with the last day of the Kirkathon; look for it tomorrow. My fault.


February 26

This time it's not my fault, but the brief delay will have to go another day. Meanwhile, the ENT news is getting a little better -- the rally got a huge turnout and featured visits from many of the cast and staff. There's also a very interesting interview with Manny Coto at the TrekUnited forum.


February 28

Zeke here, welcoming you to the slightly-delayed final day of the Kirkathon! As promised, we have two new fivers to round out the event. First up is IJD's fourth (!) contribution, for one of the episodes he most despises: "And The Children Shall Lead." The other half of the update is my own contribution; it was originally slated to be "Turnabout Intruder," the bar against which all bad Shatner acting is measured, but I wasn't able to get my hands on it in time. Instead, I've finally done "Balance of Terror." An all-time favourite of both IJD's and mine, this one has been reserved for me from the start, and IJD's always been eager to see me do it. (He accidentally found out I was working on it for this event, so he'll have to just act surprised.)

And that's a wrap! Thanks to all the staff for participating, and extra thanks to Kira for her invaluable help with the coding and updates. IJD, congratulations on a third successful year of 5MST. Now more. MORE!


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