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APRIL 2004


April 1

As you can see, Five-Minute Voyager is now available in delicious Brie and mozzarella varieties. That's right -- we're not covering those good shows anymore. From now on, it's all cheese, all the time.

Keep an eye on 5MC for updates during the day. They won't be announced, but things will start appearing at the subsites one by one, like mold growing on cheese....



April 2

What, you thought Five-Minute Cheese was just a temporary thing? Well, so did I, but yesterday we got 950 hits! Clearly this is a sign that 5MC should continue forever and ever. So get used to cheese -- and keep checking for more updates today.


April 3

The cheese continues with contributions from me and Derek Dean. Keep checking back for more.


April 4

Another slice from me today, and it's a big one.


April 6

Oops! Been spending so much time with Five-Minute Cheese I forgot to update this page yesterday. Anyway, new slices yesterday and today. Look for two tomorrow from writers new to 5MC.


April 7

Those two new cheesers are up, coming from IJD GAF and Sa'ar Chasm.


April 8-10

(There were more cheesers, and I forgot to update the index page. Meh.)


April 11

After the longest April Fool's Day since 2002, welcome back to Five-Minute Voyager. I'd like to thank IJD GAF, Derek Dean, and Sa'ar Chasm for joining in the Cheese festivities, and you guys for reading, of course. Hope you enjoyed this weeklong diversion -- now it's back to real 5MV events, and we've got a lot coming in the next couple of months.

By the way, Five-Minute Cheese will continue as a section, and will continue to be updated. (There's one cheeser still waiting to be published, in fact.) The link on the front page is temporary, but I need a prominent 5MC link there for a while, because people will still be following outside links to the event.

Any comments on the Five-Minute Cheese event? Post them in the thread below. And Happy Easter, all.



April 12

(Missed this one. Sorry.)


April 13

Today is a big day for one of 5MV's staff. Derek Dean, our newest but most absurdly prolific recruit, has hit the 47-fiver mark, and he wanted it to be with something special. What he wrote was an amazing trilogy of fivers for the most confusing and best-loved time-travel movies ever. Without further ado: The Back to the Future Trilogy, by Derek.



April 14

There won't be any updates for the next few days -- we're finally moving to the new server, and the process takes a while. (Also, I have four exams this week.) Updates should resume in a week or so. I'll be sending a message to the mailing list when we come back, so if you're on the list, you'll be the first to know. If you're not on the list, write me with "update list" in the subject and I'll add you.


April 22

We're not quite back yet -- the big Trek Nation launch and return of the forums won't be for a couple more days. I thought it should be noted here, however, that This Just In turns three today. Hooray!


April 24

And now, at last, we're back! Not all the work of the server move is completely finished (the forum colours still need a bit of tweaking, for example), but it's time to get back to updating -- and we're making our re-entrance with a bang. Here, much delayed, is the second-anniversary celebration of Five-Minute Star Trek.

Two years, two months, and two days ago, 5MST was launched under the care of IJD GAF. It's become one of our most popular and prolific subsites -- and that's never been more obvious than today, when the Animated Series becomes the first Trek show to be completely covered at 5MV. There were four episodes left, and we've divvied them up as follows:

  • IJD himself did "The Pirates of Orion";
  • Kira handled "The Terratin Incident";
  • Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg tackled "Albatross" (some time ago, in fact -- we held it back for this event);
  • and I did "Bem." This one's got a twist -- I won't spoil it for you, but I suggest you read it in IE or Netscape, because Opera doesn't seem to get it quite right.
That last fiver is part of my anniversary present for 5MST, but not all of it. I've also made new subsite graphics which differentiate between the original, animated, and movie series, and I've converted the files to a new PHP-based system. That last part won't make much difference to you readers, but it makes a big difference behind the scenes. (Unfortunately, I haven't got the episode blurbs copied yet, so they're blank right now. I'll get them filled in tomorrow if I have time. That may not be the only thing that pops up tomorrow, by the way.) Some acknowledgements for the server move and the TAS event:
  • First off, anyone who's been following 5MV for long will have heard me mention Owen, the administrator of 3Sygma and a very good friend of mine. For three years now, 3Sygma has been the perfect host for 5MV; Owen freed us from Angelfire ads and helped with countless tech matters over the years. But it's finally come to the point where running 3Sygma is no longer a reasonable possibility for him. We at 5MV are deeply grateful to Owen for all the work he's done (including during the server move itself -- he completely knocked himself out setting up the forums and such). Ave atque vale, 3Sygma: we salute you.
  • All that said, I couldn't be happier about where we're going. I'm extremely grateful to Christian, overlord of TrekToday, for agreeing to host 5MV. The Trek Nation will be a great home for us; it's powerful enough to handle our bandwidth easily, and very crash-resistent. My Enterprise fivers are already published there, and ties between the two sites will be getting closer in other ways. Many thanks also to Charles at TT for helping with the server move.
  • For today's event, I owe a huge thank you to Brinshannara, who made the animations for me on very short notice. (After all, shouldn't an animated series have at least one animated fiver?) She did an amazing job; mad props to her. Thanks also to Merlin Missy of 5MF fame for getting us in touch.
  • And finally (gasp, pant)... thank you to IJD GAF for running one hell of a subsite for 2-and-a-bit years and counting.
Welcome back, folks! Try the veal! We'll be here all week.



April 25

The next couple of updates will probably just be mop-up work from the server move and the TAS event (which is good, because my schedule is packed this week). If you're just getting here today from the update list or TrekToday, read the next article down for the lowdown on our big 5MST anniversary event. Oh, and hi.


April 26

Apparently my greeting was premature -- the announcement at TT hasn't been made yet. Well, that "hi" goes for whenever people do show up.

Like I said, small updates for a bit. Today's: I've fixed the forum colours.


April 27

Today's mini-update: the 5MST blurbs are now filled in, including a couple of new ones. Also, the forum emoticons are back to normal.


April 28

Today's mini-update: nothing. You heard me, nothing. Tonight is my last day to study for the last undergraduate exam I'll ever write. So no update. Suck it up.

Well, okay, you can have a link.


April 30

Sorry about missing yesterday's update. My exam went great and I celebrated by going to the end-of-term dinner and more or less making a fool of myself. On the bright side, this necessarily low-content week is now finally over -- starting this weekend we're back in business. See you then.

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