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October 2

Five-Minute "Broken Bow" isn't on the site yet -- but it is on TrekToday! Thanks to the generosity of Christian Sparborth, 5ME will be published there throughout the coming year; more on that later. (The fiver will appear on this site too, but not until the redesign is done.)


October 8

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! The redesign is continuing and should be done soon; in the meantime, my fiver for VVS8's latest ("Remora," by the mighty Jim Wright) is now available here, as is Enterprise's "Fight or Flight" (at TrekToday.com).


October 13

I just watched the latest Andromeda episode ("A Heart For Falsehood Framed") -- and boy, was it awful. I like most of the characters on that show, but the writing is not there yet. Sigh.

Anyway, my latest Enterprise fiver is done. You can read Five-Minute "Strange New World" at TrekToday, and there's a BBS thread where you can make comments on it if you so desire. I know I say this every update, but yes, I'm making progress on the redesign...the problem right now is that I also have a VVS8 episode to write. But the new 5MV will appear soon, and it'll seriously rock. I swear.


October 31

What kind of jerk am I? I said I'd update this page really often, and here it is -- an 18-day gap. Sorry, folks.

News items today:

  • The big news is that my VVS8 episode, "Rise and Fall," is now online. I got the honour of following up Jim's "Remora" and bringing our heroes back to Earth (again) -- and I threw in the Borg for good measure. Hope you like it.
  • Speaking of "Rise and Fall," my fiver for it is available too. Interesting story there: I actually wrote the fiver first and then used it as a plot outline in writing the episode. Not the best idea, but when will I get the chance again?
  • Other new material: you'll find fivers for "Unexpected" and "Terra Nova" at my Trek Nation page. A certain subgroup of fans will also have seen my parodies of another show -- but I won't include that link, since I haven't formally announced my arrangement with said show yet.
  • Here's a special treat: Daniel, webmaster of stenterprise.cc, produced a possible design for Five-Minute Enterprise. I've already finished the new Enterprise section, so it's too late to use the design, but I do think Dan's version looks good and deserves a little airtime. Therefore, I've filled in Dan's links and episode descriptions from my Trek Nation page so that the prototype can act as a temporary 5ME until the real one is unveiled. Check it out!
  • Hope you're all enjoying Enterprise as much as I am. Actually, I take that back -- the amount I'm enjoying Enterprise frightens me. For some reason, I've found the show an absolute joy to watch; Berman and Braga have done good stuff before, but this time they're really outdoing themselves. If you haven't tried the show out yet, do!
  • The redesign is (say it with me) nearly done. Seriously this time. I swear.
  • Finally, happy Hallowe'en to all, and happy Samhain and/or Beltane to those who celebrate them. I'm not a huge fan of holidays in general, but I've got nothing against them either. Hmm...if the site weren't dormant, I might rename the guest fivers as "ghost fivers" for the day as a gag. Maybe next year....
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