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Marc Richard presents....

The Top 10 Time Travel Nightmares of the Next Generation Crew

An incursion of Time Travel Week

  1. Guinan travels back to the early 1960s, where she discovers that pillbox hats are the latest fashion craze  
  2. Wesley Crusher travels back to the eighteenth century and finds himself aboard H. M. S. Bounty serving as Captain Bligh's cabin boy  
  3. Tasha Yar travels back to Victorian England, where she is forced to wear hoop skirts and play hostess at tea parties  
  4. La Forge travels back to Oklahoma in the Neolithic Age, where the most complex piece of technology needing his repair skills is a broken bow  
  5. Troi travels to the distant future, in which humans have such advanced mental powers that the average toddler has telepathic abilities fifty times stronger than hers  
  6. Worf travels back to the late 1960s where, in order to preserve the timeline, he must impersonate a prominent peace activist at a large anti-war demonstration  
  7. Dr. Crusher travels back to nineteenth century France, where Louis Pasteur asks her to be a test subject for his latest invention: the hypodermic needle  
  8. Data travels back to the early twentieth century and meets Henry Ford, who briefly considers building more androids like him but decides instead to mass-produce an improved "Lore" model  
  9. Riker travels back to Ancient Rome, is offered a prestigious job as Julius Caesar's First Officer, then is forced to watch helplessly as his boss seduces Cleopatra  
And the number one time travel nightmare of a Next Generation crewmember....
  1. Picard travels back to the birth of the universe and meets an infant Q, who finds the Captain to be such a fun playmate that he promises to remain at Picard's side for the rest of eternity  
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This list was originally published on June 29, 2002.

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