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Paneldemonium, Part 6

by Kira

An incursion of Time Travel Week

Zeke: Fine, Kira. I'm timing you -- if I'm not Emperor in five minutes you're going to pay.

Kira: Oh yeah? You and what army?

Zeke: My clone army.

Marc: Clones? This had better not turn into another "Zuke" thing.

Marc: I agree.

IJD: What the...who are you?

Marc: Who, me?

IJD: No, you.

Marc: Me?

IJD: Yes.

Marc: I'm from the future. Five minutes in the future, to be exact.

Marc: Pfft. A likely story.

Marc: Masticate me.

Zeke: It's Marc, all right.

Kira: Great, just what we need -- two Marcs.

IJD: Don't you mean three Kiras?

Zeke: Wait -- you're from five minutes in the future? Am I Emperor?

Marc: No.

Zeke: You're going down, Kira.

Kira: Er...So what do you want, future Marc?

Marc: I'm here to save you all. Give me a shuttle.

IJD: We don't have a shuttle.

Marc: Then you're all doomed.


Kira: Wait a minute...this sounds familiar....

Zeke, Marc & IJD: Yeah....

Marc: Maybe you're all having déjà vu.

IJD: No, that's not it.

Kira: It doesn't feel like I'm in my "Cause and Effect" fiver....

Zeke: Of course it doesn't. We'd come up with something far more original than ripping off a Next Generation episode.

Kira: Good point.

Marc: No, wait! It's from "Time Squared"! He's lying!

Marc: Heheheheh. I thought it sounded cool.

Kira: So much for being original.

IJD: He only made that part up. Maybe this really is original.

Zeke: What do you really want, Marc?

Marc: Your future selves sent me back here to find a tricorder.

Marc: I've got a tricorder.

Kira: For the last time, THAT'S A SP-- woah, it really is a tricorder.

Zeke: Marc, when did you get a tricorder?

Marc: When I picked up the Boston Globe and changed my name. Here you go.

Marc: Thanks.

Marc: Wait...if I have a tricorder, how come you don't in five minutes?

Marc: Do you have a tricorder now?

Marc: No -- I gave it to you.

Marc: I rest my case.


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This was originally published on June 29, 2002

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