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The Top 10 Cliffhangers for the Next Generation Crew

  1. Wondering what kind of mess Picard is about to get into when he tells Riker, "I appreciate your concern but I'm sure it's perfectly safe for me to beam down there"
  2. Trying to guess who's going to get lucky when Riker and La Forge set up a double date with a couple of hot chicks
  3. Waiting to see how long it will take Data's fellow crewmembers to realize that he has delivered his punchline during his segment of the ship's First Annual Comedy Improvisation Contest
  4. Speculating that a muscular, heavily-armed alien with prominent claws and fangs might in fact be a perfectly nice fellow, despite Troi's assurances that "he's hiding something"
  5. Hoping that La Forge will find a solution in time when he reports that "we only have two hours, fifty-three minutes and eighteen seconds left before the radiation shielding collapses"
  6. Wondering how close to zero La Forge will run the clock once he's down to his final eighteen seconds
  7. Waiting to see who will win a critical card game that begins with Riker saying, "This 'poker' thing...it's the one with the chips, right?"
  8. Anticipating the outcome of sensitive negotiations that are to be conducted by a prominent dignitary who Starfleet thinks can handle the job better than Picard
  9. Wondering which way Worf will go when he's faced with one of those tricky "honour versus common sense" dilemmas
And the number one cliffhanger ending for the Next Generation crew....
  1. Having Beverly get interrupted just as she's about to tell "something" to Jean-L-- no, wait, that actually did happen on the show once or twice....
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This list was originally published on July 14, 2005.

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