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The Top 10 Signs That You're In a Cliffhanger

  1. You're clutching the side of a mountain
  2. You're almost an hour into your problem and there doesn't seem to be any easy solution
  3. ...Not that you've been watching the clock at all for the past twenty minutes
  4. Your friend Cliff has just parked his airplane
  5. And he's strangling you with the metal thing he uses to hang his jacket
  6. He'll probably go to the gallows for it
  7. Someone you know, or a remarkably similar replica, has just shown up unexpectedly
  8. It's November, February, or May
And the number one sign that you're in a cliffhanger....
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This list was originally published on July 1, 2005.

DISCLAIMER: Huh? Where's number 1? Did somebody make a mistake or -- ohhhh. I get it.

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