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The Top 10 False Rumors About Star Trek: Nemesis

  1. Continuing the tradition of great historical searches (God, the fountain of youth...), Picard and his crew will be searching the galaxy for Sasquatch
  2. Shinzon is not a name but a rank, which he earned through kicking his superiors in the shins
  3. In an attempt to capture the success of the fifth film, Troi will perform a sultry dance for Shinzon -- inferring from the trailer, the horizontal mambo
  4. Worf is to make his appearance via Wesley Crusher's extraordinary powers
  5. Wesley Crusher is consequently to be killed in a Klingon ritual, thus gaining the support of at least half a million extra Trekkies, and ensuring many subsequent viewings
  6. The film's villains were originally going to be Vulcans, until TPTB remembered that they weren't working on an episode of Enterprise
  7. The title character was originally to be played by Scott Bakula
  8. John Logan's original concept was for the Enterprise to encounter a terrifying new villain: the Romans (Berman talked him out of it)
  9. Activists have succeeded in a campaign to change the name of the film to "Star Trek: Person of Opposing Views"
And the number one false rumor about Star Trek: Nemesis....
  1. Brent Spiner has been replaced with a completely digital model
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This list was originally published on December 12, 2002.

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