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Marc Richard presents....

The Top 10 Warning Signs That a Starfleet Officer Might Go Berserk

  1. He is a former colleague or superior officer of one of the main characters
  2. He was one of Kirk's classmates at the Academy
  3. He was one of Kirk's instructors at the Academy
  4. He flunked a test at the Academy or earned a reprimand early in his career
  5. His Starfleet service record consists only of desk jobs
  6. He feels that Kirk's "I don't trust Klingons and I never will" attitude is too liberal
  7. He's caught a curious case of the Cardassian common cold
  8. He takes a sample of your blood when you reach out to shake his hand
  9. He quotes Cicero in the original Latin
And the number one warning sign that a Starfleet officer might go berserk....
  1. He is a he rather than a she
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This list was originally published on December 9, 2002.

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