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Kira presents....

Zeke's Top 10 Excuses For Procrastinating

  1. It's called "getting an education" -- yeesh
  2. He was eaten by a polar bear
  3. Taking a lesson from George Lucas, Zeke has decided to make you all wait another three years before he publishes any more new material
  4. Taking a lesson from Peter Jackson, Zeke has new material ready to go but won't release it until next year
  5. Having finally gone too far with the wood jokes, he's busy trying to avoid goons hired by Robert Beltran
  6. It has to do with chili....
  7. (He'll come up with a fourth excuse soon, really)
  8. Like Star Trek writers have been doing for decades, Zeke blames it on subspace
  9. Having watched too much Janeway, Zeke hit the self-destruct on his computer
And Zeke's number one excuse for procrastinating....
  1. The Vulcans are holding him back
(Based on a true story.)
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This list was originally published (somewhat late) on March 25, 2002.

DISCLAIMER: No disparagement of Zeke and his attempt to get an education is intended. I'm just having a little fun in the world he's created. I don't think he'd mind. (Note from Zeke: if I did mind, you wouldn't be reading this, would you?)

All material © 2002, Carolyn Paterson.