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Zeke presents....

The Top 10 Newfoundland Vacation Spots For Voyager Characters

(I came up with this one on a dare from Thinkey. The place names are all real, as she'd know....)
  1. Torres: Savage Cove
  2. Paris: Bar Haven
  3. Species 8472: North West River
  4. Chakotay: Wreck Cove
  5. Kim: Harry's Armpit
  6. Doc: Nameless Cove
  7. Vorik: Witless Bay
  8. Neelix: Furby's Cove
  9. Joe Carey: Dead Man's Bay
And the number one Newfoundland vacation spot for a Voyager character....
  1. Janeway: Coffee Cove
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This list was originally published on , 2002.

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