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Top 10 Changes Ahead For The OC Characters in Season 3

  1. Seth and Summer, tired of breaking up every episode, will start breaking up every other episode
  2. Kirsten will kick the habit, only to find herself completely unable to communicate with the Cooper women, whose only language is alcohol
  3. Marissa's sister Whatshername will get her own spinoff set at her boarding school, tentatively titled The B. S.
  4. Jimmy will stay in town, having decided that his family really needs him now that Julie has money again
  5. Jess will leave and be deeply, passionately un-missed
  6. Julie will be shocked to find out she has an illegitimate son -- Luke
  7. Marissa will continue to cry a lot, but after these last few episodes, it will no longer be okay to make fun of her for it
  8. Zach, with nothing better to do, will become a super-villain
  9. Ryan, having decided he can no longer be the person he was in Season 2, will pretty much just punch stuff and brood
And the number one change ahead in Season 3....
  1. Trey... um... won't be around much
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This list was originally published on May 22, 2005.

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