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Crush Nic Corelli Mistaking her for Anna, Seth Cohen hits on Chloe. And then on Clark. (With a chainsaw.)
Tempest Scooter Clark faces a brave new tornado that hath people in it. Meanwhile, can Jonathan stop Nixon without becoming a crook?
Vortex Scooter Lana gets suspicious. Lionel gets blindsided. Nixon gets impeached.
Unsafe Derek Dean Everybody talks about (GASP!) (SHOCK!) sex. Then nobody has any.
Pariah Derek Dean Chloe finds out about the powers Clark conceals so well. She resolves to conceal her knowledge of them equally well.
Recruit Derek Dean Clark considers a football scholarship, but turns it down when he finds out he'd be playing for the Mets.
Krypto Derek Dean How much is that doggy in the window? The one with the kryptonite-enhanced tail?
Sacred Derek Dean Lana adds China to her syndrome collection.
Lucy Derek Dean Lois's sister takes her on a trip down memory Lane.
Onyx Derek Dean Black Kryptonite splits Lex into a good Kirk and an evil Kirk.
Spirit Derek Dean Hey, it's senior prom! I wonder if something will happen?
Blank Derek Dean Clark loses his... uh... what was I talking about?
Ageless Derek Dean Clark and Lana play Sim Parent.
Forever Derek Dean SCHOOL'S! IN! FOR! EVAH!
Commencement Derek Dean Rocks fall. Everyone dies.
Arrival Derek Dean If Kryptonians are so super, why do they live in igloos?
Mortal Derek Dean Taking a page from Angel's book, Clark turns newfound humanity into sex appeal.
Hidden Derek Dean Clark dies! Really! And Seven returns to the Borg!
Aqua Derek Dean It's the Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure! Drown me now.
Thirst Derek Dean In every generation there is a Superman. He alone will stand against the... um, sorority girls?
Exposed Derek Dean This week on "I Can't Believe It's Not Out of Context!", Chloe makes Lois strip. Jonathan and a friend duke it out.
Splinter Derek Dean Clark stays alert, trusts no one, and keeps his laser-eyes handy.
Solitude Derek Dean Clark spikes Fine. Chloe and Lois have more wacky illegal adventures. Nobody cares what Lana's up to.
Lexmas Derek Dean It's a Wonderful Lex in the future, apparently. Clark teaches Santa Claus the true meaning of Christmas.
Fanatic Derek Dean Somebody shoots JFK! (Jonathan's middle name is Fafnir. True story.)
Lockdown Derek Dean It's the Clark/Lana Sex Issues Hour! (Anyone else think the show is overcompensating for Seasons 1 to 4?)
Reckoning Derek Dean Jonathan dies! Really! And Se-- wait, he really does?
Vengeance Derek Dean Clark finds the bastard responsible for his father's death and saves him.
Tomb Derek Dean Chloe has some trouble with a Psycho.
Cyborg Derek Dean Clark helps another football player remember the Titans. (Marvy!)
Hypnotic Derek Dean A hot chick seduces Clark via mind-control. Sounds Unsafe.
Void Derek Dean Lana's just going through the motions. And even worse, she ain't got that swing.
Fragile Derek Dean Angel tries to help an unstable young girl with telekinetic powers. Or something like that. Something exactly like that.
Mercy Derek Dean The Luthor family finally earns enough Frequent Hostage Points to get a free trip to Stockholm.
Fade Derek Dean H. G. Wells: You know what you need? Invisible men!
Clark: You have got to be kidding me.
Oracle Derek Dean Something is rotten in the state of Kansas. Hey, that worked great!
Vessel Derek Dean Clark versus Lex: the final showdown! (Hmm....)
Zod Derek Dean Lex develops a Zod complex. Clark's in the zone.
Sneeze Derek Dean An archer comes to town, possibly to save the future from himself.
Wither Derek Dean That's Lex; Clark's Withouther. Also, crazy plant chick.
Arrow Derek Dean STOP! This is the NEW Green Lant-- er, Superman/Green Arrow!
Reunion Derek Dean Lex and Oliver face the consequences of that time they killed Duras.
Fallout Derek Dean Raya zones out, chews out, helps out, and bows out. Quite a workout.
Rage Derek Dean You always have all the answers, Green Arrow! Well, what's your answer to that--?
Static Derek Dean Clark fights a Zoner with a jonzz for bonzz. Lex finds a couple of things he can beat Clark at.
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