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5MSV: Season 4
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Sacred" (January 11, 2006)
Unsafe Derek Dean Everybody talks about (GASP!) (SHOCK!) sex. Then nobody has any.
Pariah Derek Dean Chloe finds out about the powers Clark conceals so well. She resolves to conceal her knowledge of them equally well.
Recruit Derek Dean Clark considers a football scholarship, but turns it down when he finds out he'd be playing for the Mets.
Krypto Derek Dean How much is that doggy in the window? The one with the kryptonite-enhanced tail?
New! Sacred Derek Dean Lana adds China to her syndrome collection.
Lucy Derek Dean Lois's sister takes her on a trip down memory Lane.
Onyx Derek Dean Black Kryptonite splits Lex into a good Kirk and an evil Kirk.
Spirit Derek Dean Hey, it's senior prom! I wonder if something will happen?
Blank Derek Dean Clark loses his... uh... what was I talking about?
Ageless Derek Dean Clark and Lana play Sim Parent.
Forever Derek Dean SCHOOL'S! IN! FOR! EVAH!
Commencement Derek Dean Rocks fall. Everyone dies.
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