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City Of.... Zeke Angel comes to L. A. to stake out a claim.
Lonely Hearts Jade Angel makes a friend, an enemy, and a love interest. It goes quickly because they're all the same person.
Rm w/a Vu Kira Cordy gets a new haunt.
The Bachelor Party Jade Doyle gets Angel mixed up in a Harry situation.
I Will Remember You Dachelle No... you won't. (flashes neuralyzer)
Parting Gifts Derek Dean Cordy finds out that while Doyle lost a lot of bets during his life, in death, he finally made a prophet. Oh, and there's Wesley.
War Zone Nic Corelli Angel learns the difficulty of Gunn control.
Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been Jade Angel's past bites him in the rear, which wouldn't hurt so much if it weren't a vampire past.
The Trial Derek Dean Angel tries to get Darla off on a technicality. Lindsey finds (Drusilla) for the defendant.
The Thin Dead Line Scott Z Dead cops, dead cops... whatcha gonna do?....
Disharmony Andy Taylor Angel finds himself playing A flat in Gunn, Wes, and Cordy's C Major chord, but figures no Harm will come of it.
Birthday Zeke Angel gets to LARP a little Dungeons & Dragons, sort of. Cordy changes history for the bicker.
Double or Nothing Scooter Gunn nearly loses his soul two years early. Wes keeps losing his right on time.
Spin the Bottle catalina marina A spell to make Cordy act her age ends up making everyone act Connor's. Lorne talks to himself.
Conviction Zeke In his 582nd major internal conflict, Angel takes on his own company. Meanwhile, Fred knocks, Wesley harmonizes, and Gunn lays down the law.
The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco Derek Dean To do a number on a Mexican demon, Angel must fully fathom Five.
Harm's Way Nan Harmony gets her day in the sun and, oddly, doesn't burn up.
Smile Time BR48 Yet again, a mysterious higher power pulls Angel's strings.
A Hole in the World Kira Everybody desperately fails to stop Fred from being killed.
Shells Kira Everybody desperately fails to stop the thing that killed Fred. It's okay, something else stops her.
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