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5MAngel: Season 5
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Shells" (October 7)
Conviction Zeke In his 582nd major internal conflict, Angel takes on his own company. Meanwhile, Fred knocks, Wesley harmonizes, and Gunn lays down the law.
New! The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco Derek Dean To do a number on a Mexican demon, Angel must fully fathom Five.
New! Harm's Way Nan Harmony gets her day in the sun and, oddly, doesn't burn up.
New! Smile Time BR48 Yet again, a mysterious higher power pulls Angel's strings.
New! A Hole in the World Kira Everybody desperately fails to stop Fred from being killed.
New! Shells Kira Everybody desperately fails to stop the thing that killed Fred. It's okay, something else stops her.
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