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Latest addition: Five-Minute "War Zone" (October 2)
New! City Of.... Zeke Angel comes to L. A. to stake out a claim.
Lonely Hearts Jade Angel makes a friend, an enemy, and a love interest. It goes quickly because they're all the same person.
Rm w/a Vu Kira Cordy gets a new haunt.
New! The Bachelor Party Jade Doyle gets Angel mixed up in a Harry situation.
New! I Will Remember You Dachelle No... you won't. (flashes neuralyzer)
New! Parting Gifts Derek Dean Cordy finds out that while Doyle lost a lot of bets during his life, in death, he finally made a prophet. Oh, and there's Wesley.
New! War Zone Nic Corelli Angel learns the difficulty of Gunn control.
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