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5MD: Season 4
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Rules of Engagement" (July 1, 2006)
The Way of the Warrior Zeke The Klingons fail to take over DS9, but Worf succeeds.
The Visitor antodav A technobabble explosion shows the Siskos their inner light.
Rejoined Marc Richard Two symbionts, alike in history / in Bajor's system, where we lay our scene / from ancient ties attempt new unity
Little Green Men Marc Richard Quark time-travels to Roswell, where his inflated marketing pitches are mistaken for a weather balloon.
The Sword of Kahless Derek Dean and MmeBlueberry (blurb forthcoming)
Our Man Bashir The Great Meech The station is not enough for Julian. Garak uses his license to gripe.
Accession Andy Taylor Sisko is distraught over the lack of prophecies about "The First know, before that other guy." Kira discovers her true calling.
New! Rules of Engagement Nate the Great A good officer is court-martialed for firing on civilians... wait, wasn't Tommy Lee Jones supposed to be in this?
Shattered Mirror Derek Dean The Mirror Universe throws Sisko and Jake a curveball: the return of the Jennifer.
Body Parts Sa'ar Chasm Quark finds out he's not worth more than the sum of his parts. Kira gets some of Keiko's.
The Muse Sa'ar Chasm A psychic vampire gets attached to Jake but has to leave when Sisko gets cross. The whole thing gets Odo so shaken up he marries Lwaxana. (Well, how else do you explain it?)
For the Cause Derek Dean Could Kasidy be... an outlaw? And if so, who's the Sundance Kid?
The Quickening Derek Dean Bashir's search for a cure obsesses him almost quickzotically.
Broken Link Derek Dean The Founders punish Odo for changing his URL without telling them.
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