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5MD: Season 5
Latest addition: Five-Minute "In the Cards" (February 10, 2006)
Trials and Tribble-ations IJD GAF Sisko and company share the screen with 60s legends, without exposing their backsides. Koloth loses.
New! Looking For Par'Mach in All the Wrong Places Nate the Great Quark needs someone to watch over him. Jadzia makes Worf do it. (In both senses.)
For the Uniform Derek Dean Eddington wipes that smirk off Sisko's face. Sisko demands a rematch and makes a much Les Miserable showing.
In Purgatory's Shadow Derek Dean
By Inferno's Light Derek Dean
Children of Time Kira The crew decides to crash the Defiant, but forgets to check if that's O/K with Odo.
Blaze of Glory Derek Dean Or is that Blaze of Ben? I forget.
Empok Nor Derek Dean Garak goes nuts, but still has enough presence of mind to try and torture O'Brien.
New! In the Cards Nate the Great A couple of jokers win a trick for Sisko.
Call to Arms Derek Dean When Dukat wins the station back from Sisko in a poker game, Ben stages a big battle to cover. Jake stays behind in a desperate grab for screentime. Sucker.
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