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5MD: "Season 8": What You Come Back To
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Linked" (June 13)
Chasing After the Wind Nell Big Cheese Kira learns how hard it is to find good help these days. Ben gloats.
Phoenix Foretold Nell Kasidy trips the light monastic. Ezri plays with the new XO's mind.
A Just Cause Nell Julian and Jake take on Long John Silver.
....And They All Fall Down Nell DS9 tanks, ruining Nog's day. Bashir takes over for O'Brien in the getting-tortured department.
The Good Race, The Good Fight Nell Emyn finally gets some characteristics besides a name. Shakaar stomps all over the ashes of O/K.
Visiting Privileges Nell Bashir and Jake contribute to the Save the Cardassians From Everything fund.
Family and Opportunity Nell Nog rescues Rom and Leeta. I'm so mad about that I can't think of a clever episode description.
New! Linked Sharon Monroe The Founders finally get Odo's URL right, but he leaves them anyway.
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