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5MD: Season 2
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Rivals" (July 1, 2006)
The Homecoming Marc Richard Blurb
The Circle Derek Dean Blurb
The Siege Kira Blurb
Cardassians Derek Dean In the case of "Finders Keepers" versus "Losers Weepers," Sisko finds for the losers. Dukat doesn't know how to take that.
Melora Soyokaze Bashir falls for a girl... up. Everybody tries to kill Quark; oddly, Odo doesn't let any succeed.
Sanctuary Sa'ar Chasm Bajor can't possibly be the Skrreeans' promised land... or canaan it?
New! Rivals Sa'ar Chasm The new casino has ill effects on neutrinos and Quark's.
Armageddon Game Derek Dean Bashir and O'Brien see how many pedestrians they can run over for extra points. Or was that "Carmageddon Game"?
Whispers Captain Carnotaur Chief O'Brien gets all worried about a conspiracy when there's really nothing going on at all. Nope, no plotting here. ::: whistles :::
Paradise Derek Dean Sisko and O'Brien find out how the Luddite half lives.
Blood Oath Nate the Great Jadzia goes off with three classic Klingons and comes back with one. Let's not let her near TOS again, okay?
Crossover IJD GAF Bashir and Kira follow a white rabbit down the wormhole. The Terrans get a new hope.
The Collaborator Derek Dean Kira struggles to unravel a labyrinthine web of conspiracy in time to dig her boyfriend out of the jaws of doom. Then she... rats, I'm out of metaphors.
Tribunal Derek Dean The Cardassians put O'Brien on trial for attempting to get through a season without a "torture O'Brien" episode. This would be less of a problem if their principle weren't "guilty until proven guilty."
The Jem'Hadar Derek Dean Sisko takes his first and last road trip with Quark. The Jem'Hadar improve on the original Odyssey by having nobody make it back.
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