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5MD: Season 3
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Visionary" (June 26, 2006)
The Search I Marc Richard
The Search II Marc Richard
Equilibrium Derek Dean Jadzia falls off the balance beam. Hopefully the next Dax won't have that problem.
Civil Defense YXC O'Brien faces his greatest engineering challenge yet: DS9's Blue Screen of Death.
Defiant Nic Corelli Tom Riker steals a ship from Starfleet, a base from Kira, and a glorious death from himself. Hey, I got through the blurb without an "Enemy Within" reference! ...Oh.
Life Support Derek Dean Bashir succeeds where Victor Frankenstein failed. Succeeds at failing, that is.
New! Visionary Derek Dean O'Brien, intrepid time voyager, sees the Vision of the World and all the weird crap that will be.
Prophet Motive Derek Dean Grand Nagus Zek goes from bigeared to bighearted. Well, okay, he was still bigeared.
Through the Looking Glass Marc Richard Sisko has to pinch-hit for himself. The Alliance strikes back.
Improbable Cause Zeke -
The Die is Cast Derek Dean
Explorers Derek Dean All Ben asks is a really old ship and a star to propel her by.
The Adversary Derek Dean The Defiant crew hunt desperately for a traitor on board. Eddington helps, whistling.
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