5MVG: Mega Man
Fivers by Zeke
Mega Man Mega Man saves the world from a guy with scissors on his head.
Mega Man 2 Wily demands a rematch. Mega Man agrees as long as it doesn't get to be a habit.
Mega Man 3 The reformed Dr. Wily doesn't try to take over the world, honest. Fortunately, Mega Man stops him from not doing so.
Mega Man 4 Mega Man takes on the Russians. Why couldn't one of the ice robots be in this game? I want to do a Cold War joke.
Mega Man 5 Proto Man tries to take over the world -- or does he? No.
Mega Man 6 A white-haired, bearded mad scientist called Mr. X attacks... you know, Dr. Wily isn't even trying anymore.
Mega Man 7 Wily insists on making it best seven out of thirteen. But this time he may have a Bass for his bragging. (Ow.)
New! Mega Man 8 Hopped up on... sigh... evil energy, Wily challenges Mega Man to a Duo.
Mega Man: The Game Boy Games Five games. Five armies of Robot Masters. Five giant death machines. One Mega Man. One piece of cake.
Mega Man X The future is X-rated.
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