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An Unearthly Child Scooter Who debuts. That's the news. Pay your dues. You snooze, you lose. J'accuse!
Mission to the Unknown Brad Phipps With the Doctor away, the Daleks play. Marc Cory must pay when he gets in the way.
The Ark Scooter Dodo Fever sweeps the Ark. The monoids keep an eye on the Doctor.
The Gunfighters Scooter The Doctor gets a toothache, but don't worry, he'll be O. K.
The Power of the Daleks Scooter The Daleks decide to serve man.
Spearhead from Space Scooter The Doctor's no dummy, but everyone else is.
The Three Doctors Chancellor Valium Two Doctors too many.
The Hand of Fear Curt Rozeboom The game's afoot when Sarah gives Eldrad's hand a hand.
The Ribos Operation Curt Rozeboom The Graff buys a planet but not a clue. The Doctor is caught between a rock and lard face.
The Pirate Planet Curt Rozeboom The Captain wants to destroy life, the universe, and everything. Unfortunately the Mentiads are mostly harmless.
The Stones of Blood Curt Rozeboom The mystery of meddlin' Druids.
Full Circle SCMoll The Alzarians call tech support. The Doctor tells them to press "Start."
Logopolis Scooter The Doctor kicks off, and it's fourth down.
Castrovalva SCMoll The Doctor forgets Adric. Tegan wishes she were so lucky.
Earthshock Scooter The Cybermen try to impress Earth, but Adric makes a bigger impact.
The Five Doctors SCMoll Too many Doctors spoil the TARDIS.
Vengeance on Varos Scooter Varosians watch the Doctor's doom, but think Peri is for the birds.
Remembrance of the Daleks thattomguy The Doctor decides to rewrite his own history instead of everyone else's.
Survival Scooter The Doctor and Ace are caught in a cat-astrophe.
Doctor Who: The Movie SCMoll Who's on seventh... or is it eighth? Either way, the Master remains.
Rose Zeke Remember that book Invading London For Dummies? Turns out there WAS a market for it.
The Unquiet Dead Scooter Hard times befall a bleak house, but the Doctor has great expectations.
Aliens of London Scooter The new invader's a real pig. The Slitheen show a little skin.
World War III Scooter Mickey's mad internet skilz are teh bomb.
Dalek SCMoll Dalek ex machina.
The Long Game Youth of Australia The Doctor needs another companion like he needs a hole in his head.
Father's Day SCMoll Rose's dad can't even die properly.
Bad Wolf Scooter The Doctor and Rose compete to see who's the biggest loser. Rose wins.
The Parting of the Ways Scooter Can't miss this: Daleks diss, dudes kiss, while Rose enlists in vortex bliss.
The Christmas Invasion Scooter Whoa. The war on Christmas is worse than we thought.
New Earth Scooter Unbenign felines stop moans by farming clones.
Tooth and Claw WatcherMark Queen Victoria's jewel and the clown.
Rise of the Cybermen Scooter Pete's alive and Mickey has a double. Alternate universe or Dynasty episode?
The Age of Steel Scooter Alt-Mickey and Alt-Jackie find out even regulars have no job security in parallel universes.
Gridlock Derek Dean Too much traffic makes New Earth crabby. The Doctor rules it a face-fault.
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