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5MDW: Fourth Doctor
Latest addition: Five-Minute "The Stones of Blood" (July 10, 2006)
The Hand of Fear Curt Rozeboom The game's afoot when Sarah gives Eldrad's hand a hand.
New! The Ribos Operation Curt Rozeboom The Graff buys a planet but not a clue. The Doctor is caught between a rock and lard face.
New! The Pirate Planet Curt Rozeboom The Captain wants to destroy life, the universe, and everything. Unfortunately the Mentiads are mostly harmless.
New! The Stones of Blood Curt Rozeboom The mystery of meddlin' Druids.
Full Circle SCMoll The Alzarians call tech support. The Doctor tells them to press "Start."
Logopolis Scooter The Doctor kicks off, and it's fourth down.
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