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Broken Bow Zeke Archer sets right what once went wrong. T'Pol takes a trip to the decon room.
Fight or Flight Zeke Sato goes sluggish, but gets over it. Phlox has way too much fun being CMO.
Strange New World Zeke Archer lets the dog out. Trip tries out for a role in Conspiracy Theory. T'Pol outbluffs hallucinatory poker strippers.
Unexpected Zeke Trip gets one in the oven; Phlox prescribes some heavy reading. Archer and T'Pol destroy the Klingon Empire before lunch.
Terra Nova Zeke Archer gets rid of a pet peeve, drawing disapproval from T'Pol. Reed goes Charlton Heston. Travis guards things.
The Andorian Incident Zeke Tucker plays with fire. Porthos meets his father. Phlox gets stuck with a complicated zoological problem.
Breaking the Ice Zeke Vulcans save the day, infuriating Archer. Hoshi invents herself a groupie. Reed and Mayweather blow up some baking soda. Porthos gets a job.
Civilization Zeke Archer decides he doesn't embody enough Kirk stereotypes yet. T'Pol learns the terrible truth. Tucker objects.
Fortunate Son Zeke T'Pol makes the most of her situation. Phlox lights up Archer's life. Travis gets his moment in the sun. Hoshi minds her own business.
Cold Front Zeke Archer discovers he's not "smooth as Silik." Some pilgrims improve their plumage. The Porthos Mystery is finally answered -- or is it?
Silent Enemy Zeke Enterprise heads back to Earth, until Travis notices that he's left the gear shift in reverse. Hoshi goes Sam Spade.
Dear Doctor Zeke Phlox takes advantage of a narration gig to do his award-winning Mengele impression. Cutler, apparently not over those hallucinations from "Strange New World," puts the moves on him. Hoshi speaks in tongues.
Sleeping Dogs Zeke T'Pol, Reed, and Hoshi have a Titanic adventure. Archer confuses the words "trip" and "transvestite." Porthos gets some shuteye.
Shadows of P'Jem Zeke Archer has one of his dog days. Sopek finds Trip's commanding presence somewhat lacking. T'Pol narrowly escapes visiting her family and friends.
Shuttlepod One Zeke Isolated and losing air, Reed and Tucker have nothing to fear but beer itself. The computer lodges a few protests.
Fusion Zeke Archer beats up Vorik for causing The First Temptation Of T'Pol. Trip chooses the red pill.
Rogue Planet Zeke Hoshi's Job Search, Part 1. Our heroes visit The Planet That Always Sleeps.
Acquisition Zeke Hoshi's Job Search, Part 2. Archer and Travis make a special announcement.
Oasis Zeke Hoshi's Job Search, Conclusion. Will Trip steal Kes from Odo?
Detained Zeke Archer and Mayweather take a trip down The Chute. Sato joins the nouveau riche. Porthos kicks butt!
Vox Sola Zeke Archer and Trip experiment with male bonding. Travis breaks the Prime Directive. T'Pol says things.
Fallen Hero Zeke If a hero falls on the planet Mazar, and there's no one there, does it make a sound? The crew discovers there are worse things to eat than chili.
Desert Crossing Zeke Archer and Trip have a nice, long walk. T'Pol foils a pretender to the throne. Porthos gets repetitive.
Two Days and Two Nights Zeke Archer loses at "Spy vs. Spy." Trip and Reed do a subplot about nothing, not that there's anything wrong with that. Phlox faces his greatest challenge... in his sleep?
Shockwave, Part I Zeke The Temporal War finally gives up on being Cold. Daniels takes Archer on a quantum leap. Reed gets to blow up everybody.
Shockwave, Part II Zeke Archer saves the future from himself. T'Pol saves Archer from Soval. Hoshi saves Reed from boredom. Nobody bothers saving Travis.
Carbon Creek Zeke T'Pol tells the story of her ancestor Shannon T'Donnell's visit to the City on the Edge of 11:59.
Minefield Zeke Archer and Reed have a game of Minesweeper. Reed wishes he'd stuck to Solitaire.
Dead Stop Zeke B'Elanna kills Travis. No, really.
A Night in Sickbay Zeke Archer confronts his intense lack of sexual tension with T'Pol, mostly to shut up Sigmund Phlox. Porthos, a bat, and a water polo ball compete to see who can have the worst day.
Vanishing Point Zeke Hoshi simultaneously invents the transporter accident, the misleading dream sequence, and the sport of extreme knife-eating. Reed is furious to see his record broken.
Dawn Derek Dean Trip does a little hammering of his own.
Cease Fire Zeke Archer learns that being a pacifier sucks.
The Crossing Zeke The fog's got Trip! Stay back or it'll get you too!
The Breach Zeke Reed and Trip find out what happens when you let Travis run the show. Archer helps Phlox come to terms with prejudice by Cardassians against Vulcans. Or something.
First Flight Marc Richard
The Xindi Zeke Archer begins his bold, daring mission in the Expanse by getting captured and needing some big strong men to save him. Sissy.
Anomaly Zeke Archer takes a walk on the black coffee side.
Extinction Zeke Archer, Reed, and Hoshi become a modern Stone Age family. Trip's just peachy.
Rajiin Zeke Archer gets hooked by a Perfect Mate. Trip spices up his financial dealings.
Impulse Zeke T'Pol goes from Subcommander to Zombie...mander.
Exile Zeke Hoshi gets in a Beastly relationship. Archer and Trip have a ball.
The Shipment Zeke Archer learns that not all Xindi are evil, just most. Reed gets in a Major machismo contest. Hoshi falls for someone more charming than Travis.
Twilight Zeke Archer saves the future from himself, Part 2.
North Star Zeke 'Cause I've got faith of the horse... I'm goin' where my horse will take me....
Similitude Zeke Archer and Phlox get in trouble for double-Tripping.
Carpenter Street Zeke Archer and T'Pol travel back in time for some reason.
Chosen Realm Zeke The ship is captured by aliens who see religious issues in half black, half white. Meanwhile, love is in the air, or is it just an aphrodisiac gas?
Proving Ground Zeke The Expanse gets the blues. Travis and Hoshi get the de-angster. Phlox gets the slammer.
Stratagem Zeke Archer takes Degra on a phony ride. Hoshi and Travis tell the truth, the forced truth, and nothing but the truth.
Harbinger Zeke T'Pol, Trip, Reed, and Hayes team up to kill subtlety.
Doctor's Orders Zeke Phlox learns that One is the most hallucinogenic number. Guest starring Samus Aran!
Hatchery Zeke Ho hatches the hatchers?
Azati Prime Zeke Archer vs. the future, Round 3 -- will Travis be the first casualty?
Damage Zeke Will Archer become a pirate? And if so, can he train Porthos to perch on his shoulder?
The Forgotten Zeke Archer gets his used-car salesman on. Reed and Hoshi get Travis back from an even more mediocre life. Samus gets equipped with Bubble Lead. No, wait....
Zeke = (2.718)² / 12 = 0.616.
The Council Zeke Can Archer persuade the Councillors? He'll give it a Troi.
Countdown Zeke 47... 46... 45... 44... (well, come on, where else could it start?)
Zero Hour Zeke Archer wins the ballgame in sudden-death overtime. Then there's Nazis!
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