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Midnight on the Firing Line Zeke Sinclair reckons with raiders, Narn aggression, and Delenn's as-yet-insufficient hair supply. Garibaldi ducks out.
The Parliament of Dreams Taya17 G'Kar nearly gets assassinated and Sinclair starts talking to his pants. Most attempts to connect these two phenomena are unsuccessful.
Believers Sa'ar Chasm Franklin performs an illegal operation -- will he be shut down?
Grail Sa'ar Chasm Jinxo thinks he has curse power; Gajic would settle for grail power. Kosh eats people. (What the deuce?)
Eyes PointyHairedJedi The command crew find themselves Coming of Age. (Uh oh... does this mean there'll be some sort of conspiracy?)
Chrysalis Zeke Is Garibaldi a bad enough dude to rescue the president?
GROPOS Sa'ar Chasm Horrible Realities of War: The Musical!
Comes the Inquisitor Nan and Sa'ar Chasm Delenn runs into some problems with an overenthusiastic pollster who only asks one question. Sheridan really Rips into him.
The Fall of Night Sa'ar Chasm Will Sheridan give appease a chance? Neville!
Dust to Dust Sa'ar Chasm G'Kar becomes a g'nkie. Hmm, that worked better in my head.
Ceremonies of Light and Dark Nan and Sa'ar Chasm Not realizing they're no longer a significant part of the series, Nightwatch takes a pretty pathetic shot at Sheridan and Delenn. Fortunately, everyone's distracted enough by the new uniforms to not really notice.
Sic Transit Vir Thinkey Vir passes thus.
A Late Delivery from Avalon Nan and Sa'ar Chasm King Arthur shows up only to find that Marcus has cornered the long-haired British people market. G'Kar has a knight out.
Z'ha'dum Nan Sheridan leaps to a conclusion. In a staggering break from tradition, Kosh gets coherent.
The Illusion of Truth Sa'ar Chasm More like the elusion of truth. BURN!
Atonement Zeke Delenn drags her darkest secret out of everyone's favourite Cardassian. Lennier shows his dedication to the role of fifth wheel.
Conflicts of Interest Sa'ar Chasm Garibaldi's daily troubles get compounded. (There's no accounting for it.)
Intersections in Real Time Derek Dean Earthforce uses repetition to torture the viewers. Oh, and Sheridan.
The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father Sa'ar Chasm Bester roots for both sides of the family tree.
Movements of Fire and Shadow Sa'ar Chasm In a bizarre reversal of trends, horrible things happen to everyone but Garibaldi.
The Fall of Centauri Prime Sa'ar Chasm Londo finally gets around to becoming emperor. Honestly, what was Keeping him?
Babylon 5: In the Beginning ArsenicMan Londo gets really, really chatty.
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