Five-Minute Movies
Movie Author Description
Dark City Derek Are Strangers just friends you haven't met? Probably not.
The Day the Earth Stood Still Marc Richard The Earth stands still. Duh.
New! Equilibrium Gatac John Preston learns that Matrixes burn at 1984 degrees Fahrenheit.
Minority Report Zeke and Kira Can Tom Cruise clear himself of the perfect crime? One in three respondents say yes.
The Ring Zeke Before you die, you see the blurb....
Rings Zeke Taking after her own movies, Samara becomes a cult hit.
Stargate Zeke Jack O'Neil goes to the other side of the universe to blow himself up. Daniel Jackson convinces him to blow up some Poindexter guy instead.
Superman Scooter Superman very slowly saves Earth. Fortunately, he can go back and get the parts he missed.
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