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The Top 10 Election 2004 Votes From Firefly Characters

  1. River: Nader. She could tell you why, but would you understand?
  2. Inara: Bush. She got fed up with Mal starting fights at the polling stations, and did it just to annoy him.
  3. Kaylee: Bush. After all, you can't run a ship if you're out of gas.
  4. Wash: Kerry. Mostly because he looks like Herman Munster. Man, that show was the best!
  5. Zoe: Bush. Because he doesn't look like Herman Munster. Being made to watch that show can leave deep psychological scars, you know.
  6. Simon: Kerry. For some reason he's quite leery of those with ties to big corporations...
  7. Jayne: Bush. 'Cause all that blowing stuff up was just plain cool.
  8. Niska: Bush. After all, his armed forces clearly follow the teachings of Shan Yu.
  9. Book: He's not telling. And he doesn't give half a hump whether you've voted or not, so where does that leave you?
And the vote from the captain himself....
  1. Mal: Nader. He may be on the losing side, but he's yet to be convinced it's the wrong one.
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This list was originally published on November 2, 2004.

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