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Scooter and SCMoll present....

The Top 10 Election 2004 Votes From Doctor Who Characters

  1. The Valeyard: Kerry. (One should always espouse a fellow sesquipedalian.)
  2. The Ninth Doctor: Kerry. (They can be the new guys together.)
  3. The Eighth Doctor: Bush. (They're both strong proponents of Americanization.)
  4. The Seventh Doctor: Bush. (He has a soft spot for misquoted proverbs.)
  5. The Sixth Doctor: Kerry. ("Change, my dear. And not a moment too soon.")
  6. The Fifth Doctor: Tony Blair. (Anything else just wouldn't be cricket.)
  7. The Fourth Doctor: Kerry. ("It's the end -- but the moment has been prepared for.")
  8. The Third Doctor: Bush. (Cheney has already promised him a new Whomobile.)
  9. The Second Doctor: Bush. (He replaced a popular, white-haired guy too.)
And the number one vote from the original himself....
  1. The First Doctor: Neither. ("These are my choices? A dandy and a clown!")
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This list was originally published on November 2, 2004.

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