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Tarn-Vedra presents....

The Top 10 Election 2004 Votes From the Andromeda Crew

  1. Purple Trance: Bush (She thinks he's such a cute old man!)
  2. Golden Trance: Kerry (She already knows what it will be like with Bush.)
  3. Tyr: Bush (He sees a little Nietszchean in him.)
  4. Rommie: Kerry (Botox...deleting wrinkles...it's all the same.)
  5. Andromeda: Bush (She doesn't really care, it's just to spite Rommie.)
  6. Rhade: Nader (He thinks we need a kinder, gentler, more cuddly military.)
  7. Harper: Gore (He isn't running, but he did invent the Internet.)
  8. Rev Bem: Bush (He believes it has been ordained by the Divine Chad.)
  9. Beka: Kerry (She wants better health care so Harper will shut up about the Magog eggs already. What a baby.)
And the vote from the captain himself....
  1. Dylan: Queen Elizabeth II (Commonwealth, people, Commonwealth!)
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This list was originally published on November 2, 2004.

DISCLAIMER: The Mighty Evil God voted to kill Brannon Braga by impaling him with Ken Biller's spine. She was ignored.

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