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Derek Dean presents....

The Top 10 Election 2004 Votes From the Deep Space Nine Crew

  1. Sisko: Bush. Since both put a big emphasis on their faith.
  2. Dax: Nader. Dax wanted to vote for Bush; Jadzia wanted to vote for Kerry. (Don't ask.)
  3. Kira: Bush. If the Emissary is voting for Bush, she darn well is also.
  4. Worf: Gets busted for double-voting in DS9's and TNG's precincts. Vote nullified.
  5. Keiko: Bush. After all, she is a botanist.
  6. Quark: Badnarik. (What Ferengi isn't a Libertarian at heart?)
  7. Nog: Tried voting in Australia's election instead.
  8. Jake: Kerry. If his dad is voting for Bush, he's darn well voting for Kerry.
  9. Dukat: Dukat (write-in)
And the number one vote from the Deep Space Nine crew....
  1. Odo: Still doesn't know. Keeps shifting back and forth.
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This list was originally published on November 2, 2004.

DISCLAIMER: I wonder who O'Brien voted for?

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