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5MD Relaunch

June 10, 2003

Of all the subsites at 5MV, Five-Minute Deep Space Nine is arguably the most neglected. The only major series neither fived by Zeke nor under the control of a section head, it's been collecting fivers at a rather pitiful rate -- the recent addition of the Final Chapter aside -- ever since the site's inception.

Hopefully, that will change as of today. We're relaunching the section under the able supervision of a very familiar face at 5MV: the very talented and scarily prolific Derek Dean. To start off what will undoubtedly be a long and prosperous reign of the section, Derek has fived all of the six season finales for your reading pleasure:

He's already starting to build a backlog of other episodes, so look for 5MD to join 5MNG and 5MST as a regular producer around the site.

As part of his new status as Section Head, Derek now has a FAQ, a Fiver By Author page, and a new email address: derek@sci-fivers.com.ar. (The rabid niner fiver fans may want to write that down, but try not to overwhelm the poor guy too soon.) As with Marc in 5MNG and IJD GAF in 5MST, Derek will be responsible for fiver requests and processing guest fivers. We wish Derek the best of luck, and we're glad to have him aboard.

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