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The Top 10 New Year's Resolutions of Voyager Characters

  1. Chakotay: Get to the bottom of those rumours about Janeway running a secret "Oil For Shuttles" program
  2. Paris: Find a new century to be obsessed with -- the 20th is oddly popular with other sf characters
  3. Neelix: Build on his success at matchmaking by setting up Janeway with Chell
  4. Ayala: Get someone to say his jinx phrase so he can finally talk again
  5. Seven: Stop indulging in the irrelevant custom of making New Year's resoluBZZT BZZT ERROR IN TERTIARY SUBROUTINE 12A6
  6. Doc: Fix Seven... again
  7. Kim: Give Janeway just one more year of exemplary service, and if she won't promote him this time, kill his way to the top
  8. Tuvok: Figure out who that Samantha chick is
  9. Torres: Fix the Doctor... again... when he finds the problem with Seven
And the number one resolution of a Voyager character....
  1. Janeway: Make it to Earth before the stupid Galactica does
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This list was originally published on January 15, 2008.

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