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The Top 10 Breakup Lines From Babylon 5 Characters

  1. Sinclair: "I didn't think it was possible to meet someone less interesting than I am."
  2. Garibaldi: "What I really need is the love of a good woman -- you appear to be neither."
  3. Delenn: "I know you wanted to share your culture with me, but 10 hours of Daffy Duck cartoons are not my idea of a pleasant evening."
  4. Lennier: "It's not working out -- you're too attainable."
  5. Londo: "There's someone else... several someones, actually. Could you take a number and get in line?"
  6. Franklin: You're successful, well-adjusted, come from a a good family, haven't been stuck in suspended animation for the last century... you're completely wrong for me."
  7. Marcus: "It's very hard to be a heroic protector when you never go anyplace more dangerous than the grocery store."
  8. Ivanova: "We're having religious differences. You don't worship me."
  9. Sheridan: (long rambling diatribe about the right and freedom of a man to not be laughed at when he yells "Woo-hoo!" at the height of passion)
And the number one breakup line from a Babylon 5 character....
  1. Kosh: "You don't understand me."
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This list was originally published on February 2, 2006.

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