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The Top 10 Autobiographical Books by Next Generation Characters

  1. The Heavy Burden Of Genius by Wesley Crusher
  2. The Life Of A Starfleet Security Officer (abridged edition) by Tasha Yar
  3. Recollections Of My Greatest Repair Jobs: A Sentimental Journey by Geordi La Forge
  4. Now You Can Read My Feelings For A Change by Deanna Troi
  5. A Tale Written In Blood (Federation facsimile edition) by Worf
  6. A Tale Written In Blood (Original limited-run Klingon edition, accompanied by a certificate authenticating the blood used to print the book) by Worf
  7. The Woman Inside The Doctor Behind The Hypospray by Beverly Crusher
  8. My Autobiography. Volume 1: The First Three Hours, Eight Minutes And Forty-Seven Seconds Of My Life From The Time Of My Activation by Data
  9. Always Number One With The Ladies by Will Riker
And the number-one-selling autobiographical book by a Next Generation crewmember....
  1. Enough Memories For Several Lifetimes by Jean-Luc Picard, in collaboration with Locutus of Borg and Kamin of Kataan
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This list was originally published on September 8, 2005.


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