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Zeke presents....

The Top 10 Election 2000 Votes From the Voyager Crew

  1. Kes: Perot. (He reminds her of Neelix -- whaddaya mean, he's not running?)
  2. Tom: Bush. (He sympathizes with people who've had parents in high places.)
  3. Harry: Gore. (He sympathizes with perpetual runner-ups.)
  4. Tuvok: Bush. (He's winning, isn't he? It's only logical.)
  5. Neelix: Nader. (This "Green Party" sounds so nice.)
  6. Seven: Gore. (His name sounds a little bit like "Borg" -- come on, people, use your imaginations!)
  7. B'Elanna: Bush. (She doesn't want to agree with Seven.)
  8. Chakotay: Gore. (Bland speakers of the world, unite!)
  9. The Doctor: Bush. (Quite possibly a fellow member of the Hair Club for Men.)
And the vote from the captain herself....
  1. Janeway: Gore. (Come on, the guy's from a farm in the Midwest!)
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This list was originally published on March 18, 2001.

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