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The Top 10 Mother's Day Plans of Deep Space Nine Characters

  1. Ezri: Send her mom a card, then spend hours figuring out who the hosts of all her previous hosts' mothers are now and sending them cards
  2. Worf: Kill a Romulan to honour his mother's memory, or heck, just for fun
  3. Odo: Look back fondly on "The Begotten," when he was a mother
  4. Kira and Keiko: Fight over who should be getting Mother's Day presents from Kirayoshi
  5. O'Brien: Watch
  6. Leeta: Briefly consider having children; picture what they would look like; never consider it again
  7. Weyoun: Buy some chocolates for the cloning chamber they make Weyouns in
  8. Bashir: Invite girls on the Promenade to celebrate motherhood by joining him in the act that causes it
  9. Quark: Shudder
And the number one Mother's Day plan among the DS9 characters....
  1. The Prophets: Give birth to themselves in a complicated predestination paradox; buy themselves complicated predestination flowers
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This list was originally published on May 9, 2004, as a birthday present for Derek Dean.

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