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IJD GAF presents....

The Top 10 Alternate Universes Desired by the Original Series Crew

A manifestation of Alternate Universe Week

  1. Pike: A universe where he can score with women while Kirk is stuck in that #(@*$ beeping wheelchair
  2. Rand: A universe where Commander Janice Rand Kirk faithfully serves her dashing captain as first officer
  3. Sulu: A universe where Paramount actually listens to him
  4. Chapel: A universe where Spock follows his father's lead in marriage choice
  5. Spock: A universe where Chapel follows her fiancÚ's lead in lifespan
  6. Chekov: A universe where he commands the United Soviet Ship EHTEPПPИЗ
  7. Uhura: A universe where there are other ways to distract goons besides nudity. Oh wait, she's already in that kind of universe....
  8. Scotty: A universe where drinking and engineering is not only legal, but encouraged
  9. Kirk: A universe where he got Archer's science officer
And the number one alternate universe desired by an original series crewmember....
  1. McCoy: A universe where he gets the last word.
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This list was originally published on June 17, 2003.

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