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The Top 10 Reasons to Watch Post-2016 Star Trek!

  1. A conspiracy in Starfleet caused by a deadly TNG-era villain! One that fans have been awai-- oh, hang on, it's just the Changelings again. Never mind.
  2. A distant future where everything has gone wrong! For interesting reaso-- no, cancel that.
  3. Classic TOS characters! Acting even a little tiny bit like themse-- oops, can't use this.
  4. A new threat from beyond the Galactic Barrier! Which is a serious obstacle and not an iPhone ga-- hmm, never mind.
  5. Amazing new technology that can take people across the galaxy instantly! And is neither a continuity disaster nor silly pseudosci-- what, both? Really?
  6. A protagonist who makes the shocking choice to break Starfleet's highest laws! And is appropriately punished for -- back to Commander in six months, huh?
  7. A space battle with one ship against overwhelming, impossible odds! Using every desperate trick they can think of to survi-- let me guess, they just kinda don't get hit?
  8. Vignettes! Interesting and creative bite-size stories that nonetheless have real implications for -- they still haven't followed that one up?
  9. Screwball comedy! Lighthearted self-mockery, memes and all, just for fun and not to be taken seri-- it's supposed to be canon, huh?
And the number one reason to watch post-2016 Star Trek...
  1. Audio drama! That's actually worth listening t-- okay, look, we shouldn't have overpromised so much. But since we did, you can't blame us for failing to deliver. If you can come up with a Star Trek project that has all these things, we'd love to see it
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This list was originally published on May 19, 2023.

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